To help grow businesses by implementing new connections, sales and marketing strategies, achieving their market objectives and exceeding service expectations.  

GETS stands for “Global Enterprise Trade Simplified”

GETS is dedicated to assisting businesses in Canada and the United States in developing new opportunities and sales channels in foreign markets. 

Our specialty is to simplify international trade processes so that you can reduce risk and make the most informed and strategically sound decisions towards generating new market sales.


GETS International Inc was established in 2014 in Toronto, Ontario. GETS was established because we noticed too many companies with quality products that have not fully taken advantage of the global market and its opportunities in regions such as Canada, the United States, Asia and China.  

Ever since, GETS Int has been enthusiastic to share quality products and services in new markets, representing our clients with dedicated presence, client relationship management, manage on-time deliveries, extensive market research, proven partnering techniques, creative marketing, and effective sales strategies.